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digital passport

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Language Arts

SBAC Practice

Highlight Select Text

Drag & Drop

Mouse Skills

Technology Practice

Computer Science Lessons

Week 1


Learning to type:

Dance Mat Typing



Learning to code:



students using a computer program in class
Common Sense Media
rules for social media usage

Internet Safety Links

rules for social media use part 2

How to Spot Fake News

Here are a few basic questions to consider whenever you and your kids encounter a piece of media:

  • Who made this?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Who paid for this? Or, who gets paid if you click on this?
  • Who might benefit or be harmed by this message?
  • What is left out of this message that might be important?
  • Is this credible (and what makes you think that)?

ways to spot fake news
Link to Common Sense Media Video

Holiday Games

Fun Educational Websites for Kids

Panorama Student Survey

panorama long beach student survey

Code Week!

students in technology class

brain pop with blue disc

brain pop junior with notebook

brain pop esl with globe
Brainpop Lesson #1 Parts of a Computer

parts of a computer


BrainPop Lesson #2 Martin Luther King



Brainpop Lesson #3 Cyberbully

Cyberbullying PPT Rubric